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Shabbos and Vaera

Written by Rabbi Shimshon Silkin

Pharaoh- the hardened heart – depraved, Hitlerian dictator of his time; softened by some hailstones – to the point of admission – I am evil. But it wasn’t the stones of hail; rather the recognition that G-d had warned to take the cattle indoors – a caring heart at the end of the punishing stick. This moved Pharaoh more than a year’s onslaught of plagues. When punishing, reprimanding, correcting – children, friends – it must always be within a framework of real care, concern, love. The Jewish people left Egypt on Friday – in time for Shabbos – a day of peace facilitated by tough love. Shabbos, a time to spend with the family – to set things straight, come together – through open conversation and abundant love. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Shabbos! Rabbi Shimshon Silkin

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