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that’s a funny reward?!

Written by Anonymous

The reward for mitzvos is mentioned in our sedra. And instead of mentioning olam haba or the reward being HaShem giving us more opportunities to do more mitzvos, the reward is….rain and good crops. If we are supposed to be in this world for spiritual endeavours why are our rewards physical luxuries? Here are 2 answers…
1) The reward here means that if we take care of doing mitzvos, HaShem promises that He will take care of our material needs, so we will have more time to do mitzvos. [Rambam teshuva 9;1] 2) The physical world mirrors the spiritual world (especially in Eretz Yisrael). Thus, when HaShem tells us that if we do mitzvos we will have rain in good time, it means that everything is fine and dandy in our account in shamayim too. [Heard by a visiting yeshiva rebbe] (Olam Haba not being mentioned is a separate issue and has many answers; one of which is that HaShem omits mentioning olam haba in the Torah so we do not do mitzvos for the reward; we do it for they are the absolute truth.)

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