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Rain & Dew

Written by d fine

In the second pasuk of our sedra (32:2) we are told that ‘My lessons (I.e. the Torah) should drop like rain, and My words should flow like dew.’ Why the two expressions dew and rain? The idea has been said that rain and dew represent the two types of ‘religious initiation/inspiration’ one can have. Rain falls from the sky, and thus represents the times when religious inspiration comes from Above – for example the day of Shabbos (which is fixed by HaShem), or general times when HaShem lights a Divine spark within you. Dew, on the other hand, comes from the ground, and thus represents times of religious inspiration which come from us – for example Yom Tov (which we fix) or general times in the year when we produce our own inspiration by working on ourselves. Therefore, our pasuk is telling us that Torah should encompass both types of inspiration – it is Divine Wisdom and thus comes from Above, but it also must be developed and internalised by ourselves, from below.

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