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Today not Yesterday!!

Written by B ROSE

The posuk states “And these words i command you today shall be upon your heart” (6:6)

Rashi says on the word “today”: Let the words of Torah not be as an old royal edict which people don’t attach much importance, but rather let them be like a new royal edict which everyone runs to hear”

Rav Chaim of Brisk explained this Rashi as follows. A persons poition and responsibilities change from day to day. Today’s mission is not necessarily yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. Too often people become entrenched in a routine and frame of mind that was appropriate yesterday but now is irrelevant and can even be harmful.

This posuk is telling us that a person should always reflect upon his way of life and be sure that he is doing the Rotzon Hashem as it expresses itself at the present time! Today!

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