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Written by Be HAPPY!

The best advice I heard before my wedding was that the main Mitzva for a choson and kalloh (groom and bride) on their wedding day is to be HAPPY 🙂 And it is everyone else’s obligation to increase that happiness: “me’sameach choson ve’kalloh” Consequently, it’s the yetzer horoh’s main purpose to reduce that happiness.

The soton (the physical external presence of the evil inclination) will try everything that it can to cause upset on the wedding day.

Something will go wrong on the day, with the dress, the music, the friend who doesn’t turn up or even under the chuppa – but every choson and kalloh have got to remember that this is only the physical, and one must put it aside in their mind and not think about it and only concentrate on the wonderful Holy experience of a Jewish marriage and the blessings that it will please G-d bring to every Jew.

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