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Davening on the Wedding Day – Part B

Written by Yehudis Kormornick

(Continued from Part A)

In Gan Eden Adam and Chava were the happiest they could ever be when they got married. Why? Because they knew they were beshert, they knew they were destined for each other. There was noone else!! Even thought there are now lots of other people in the world, as soon as you are married to each other it’s as if there is noone else in the world.

No-one else that could be better, more this or more that, G-d chose your husband specifically for you and you only. If there is something you discover that doesn’t seem to be perfect it’s either bacause you can live with it or it’s a nessayon/test for you to work on and grow to be the person you need to be. You can just read off all the prayers and add in your own extras wherever you want. The more you daven on the day and speak to Hashem the closer you feel to Him. Hashem is right there with you, listening to your every word. You can feel so connected and you will really feel so uplifted and spiritual on the day if you use the day well. It’s really like Hashem is with you and it makes the whole wedding so much more powerful and beautiful.

My Rebbetzen told me that the yetza hara is trying his best on the day, so it’s likely that something probably will go wrong whether it be the timings of the day/flowers/music/your dress/your hair…but all these are physical things and they don’t really matter. Try not to get stressed.

If you stay connected to Hashem and ignore anything that would otherwise make you so upset (you spent ages picking those flowers and they’re not what you asked for!…etc) then your day will be the most beautiful, wonderful day.

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