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Shabbat: My Personal Day of Reflection

Written by Anonymous

When I was at home in London over the December holidays I felt that I could take a step back and look over the current position of my life, what I was doing wrong, what I liked about the way I was living, I found I was able to devote a lot more time to thinking, and subsequently making changes.
But since coming back to Uni, I feel that I have passively dropped back into a familiar way of living (the normal way), that you and I and every other student or working person lives. Where sometimes you get the feeling that you are just being carried by the fast-running river that is time. Each Monday morning seems to come around more quickly than the last, and sometimes the days go so quickly they merge into one another and you find you’ve actually got to ask for the day.
Large chunks of your life can pass before you and go unnoticed, until one day you look in the mirror to find your chest a bit more hairy, or that you’ve been spending so much time and effort into convincing yourself that you’re working hard, that you’ve forgotten to spend invaluable time with your friends.
If only there was a way to get back into that mind-set, when I’m at home, where I can do a lot more thinking about my life without worrying that I’ve spent too long day-dreaming whilst leaning over my work or that I’ve got to be at uni at 9am so best get to bed.

I often find myself struggling with my current way of living in an attempt to get back into the more pensive life-style but it fails as there are deadlines and alarm-clocks.
Shabbat seems to present a perfect solution to my problem – providing 25 hours where I can do all the thinking I want and don’t have to worry about getting a good night’s sleep for there are no lectures of Saturday. Recently, as Im sure others will agree, I have found myself on a Thursday (nearing the end of the week), thinking that I can’t wait until Shabbat comes in and I can stop running around.
If I had to sum-up this weekly reward for a week’s productive work in one sentence, it would be – Ahhhh!…….Finally

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