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ho lachma anya

Written by Sruli Guttentag

did you know that the ba’al hagada was answering the question you had always asked …. ?
what are we celebrating on Pesach – we’re still deeply entrenched in golus?
Read ho lachhma anyo and in a question mark as follows:
1) ho lachma anyo – the bread we have here with us and are eating is the same as the bread we ate in mitzrayimm ie golus food
2) kol dichfin yeisei – we invite everyone and celebrate publicly with such fanfare??

He answers the question with the words leShana HaBa biYeriusholayim – in the context of tonight’s tale (that of the exodus from Mitzrayim) we realise that any future golus and in fact all of our tzoros are really all just a temporary situation and we can say with both true confidence and as a heartfelt tefillah LeShono HaBo BiYerushakayim.
Hence, plenty to celebrate about the past and lots of encouraging thought for the future.

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