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Haftorah Parshas Parah!! Lessons in life!!

Written by Benjamin A Rose

The Mitzvah of the Parah Adumah commemorated the practice of purification that was observed by the Jewish people in the ancient days. At the same time it impresses upon us the need for moral purification, which is the theme of the Haftorah for Parashat Parah. It is the time for us to decide what sins are we ready to free ourselves from. Pick the one sin that you feel you are ready to decrease doing by 50%. Let’s use talking “Loshon Hara” as an example. Make a game plan.

Try writing it down in your journal every time you commit that specific sin, or get a friend of yours to be your partner in this effort to reduce talking slander about

others. Remember King David’s advice to his son King Solomon was “Overcome your impulses”.

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