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a three way thing

Written by Anonymous

Chazal tell us that words and letters in the torah and hebrew words are never wasted and are never there for no reason. The word ISH – איש – MAN is spelt aleph, yud, shin. The word ISHA – אשה – WOMAN is spelt aleph, shin, hey. Now based on what the chazal say there must be a reason why they are spelt so similar and yet quite different. If we take the root of the word as AISH – אש – FIRE, then we are left with two other letters, the YUD for the man and the HAY for the WOMAN these two letters the yud and the hey spell one of Hashem’s many names. There must be a reason for all of this, so here it goes… When a man come together to form a bond or a covenant it is the most beautiful thing, and within in them is this divine essence, this is taught in the explanation above the yud’ from the man and the hey from the woman form the bond to make their relationship holy, the harmony between them is Hashem hence the yud and the kay (hey). However if there wasn’t this bond between then then read the words איש & אשה without the yud and the kay(hey) you are left with אש – AISH – FIRE. What does fire do?? fire consumes everything… including fire… so when fire and fire – אש & אש – man and woman come together without G-d it will be one large fire and it will be a disaster. So we learn from this that in a relationship we can’t just think about the man and woman, me and you etc. it has to be me you and Hashem a relationship has to be a three way thing and then we will have harmony and success in our relationship. May we all find the one and find the yud and the kay between us. Amen

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