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A precondition to the Torah: Shabbos Derech Eretz

Written by Dovid Zemel

Parshas Bamidbar/Shavous

A few questions need to be asked about our weekly Parsha. First, why does Parshas Bamidbar always fall out before Shavuos as Tosfos in Megillah says? What is the significance? The second question is why doesn’t the Torah refer to The Yom Tov of Shavous as “Z’man Matan Torasainu” but rather is “Yom Habikkurim”? Another question is how is possible that the Yidden were able to see to kolos? Another question is why did the talmidim die specifcly at this time. And why is Shavous the only yom tov of the shelosh regolim which is only one day?
The answer to all of these questions is one word: achdus!
The connection to both Parashas Bamidbar and the Yom Tov of Shavous is that both represent achdus. As we see in Parshas Bamidbar , the Torah relates how all of the macheni klal yisroel camped together despite the fact that each shevet had their differences. This represents true achdus where two different people can respect their differences and be one nation.
We see by Maa’mid Har Sinai all of the shevatim were all “neged hahar kulanu kechad” as chazal tell us this is when klal yisroel is at its highest when there is achdus in klal yisroel. This can be also why the talmidim of Rebbi Akiva died at this time of the year because in order to be mekabel the Torah klal yisroel needs to have achdus and give kavod to each other and and these talmidim can’t represent Torah.
Now we can understand why the Torah called
Shavuos “Zman Bikkurim” and not “Zman Matan Toroseinu” because bikkurim is a mashal to achdus where farmers from all over eretz yisroel come together despite their different geographical differences. The Torah is teaching us if there is no achdus, klal yisroel can’t receive the Torah, some people call the Shabbos before Shavous “Shabbos derech ertez”. We can also understand how the yidden were able to see the kolos because they came to such a high level of achdus where all five scence became one and seeing and hearing is the same thing. We can also understand why Shavous is one day since the yom tov represents achdus.

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