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Let Hashem Dwell Among Us

“Ki Ani Hashem shochen b’soch Bnei Yisrael – For I am Hashem, Who dwells amidst the children of Israel” (Bamidbar 35:34).

The Imrei Aish tells us that if we take the name of Hashem and put it between the words Bnei and Yisrael, reading it “Bnei Hashem, Yisrael,” these words have the gematria of Ruach [spirit] and Kedusha [holiness] (they both equal 629).

In other words, if we as a nation allow Hashem to dwell amongst us, then our lives will be filled with His spirit and His holiness. Let us hope that we will be Zoche to have our lives filled with the Ruach and Kedusha of Hashem.