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Why are we waiting?

In one of the stanzas of the ‘Lecho Dodi (written by Rabbi Shlomo Halevy Alkabetz) we say ‘Likras Shabbos, lechu v’neilicha, come let us go to greet Shabbos.’

Rav Nissan Kaplan explains that when a person comes to visit his friend he never really knows whether he is a welcome guest or not. If he turned up and the door is locked then he knows that he is not welcome. And even if it is unlocked and he goes inside, it is still not always sure that he is really welcome. But if he comes to the house and someone is waiting for him outside, then he knows that he’s certainly welcome.

This is the feeling that we should have as we welcome Shabbos. Even if nowadays we don’t physically go outside to greet Shabbos, we should, at least in our hearts, go out of our weekday mentality and greet Shabbos with excitement.



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