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Crowning the King

Written by Rabbi Moshe Kormornick

One of the pivotal aspects of Rosh Hashana is “Malchius — accepting Hashem’s Kingship.” Yet, this is not special to Rosh Hashana; in fact, every day when saying “Shema Yisroel” we are accepting upon ourselves Hashem’s Kingship[1] — so what makes Rosh Hashana different?

Rav Hutner answers that our daily acceptance of Hashem’s kingship is more focused on us, our loyalty to Hashem and our commitment to dedicate our daily lives according to His mitzvos. However, on Rosh Hashana, our declaration is different. Our focus is not on our continued acceptance of Hashem’s mitzvos, it’s our opportunity — once a year —to crown Hashem, as it were. On Rosh Hashana, we aren’t just saying “Hashem, You are our King” rather, on Rosh Hashana we are actually making Hashem our King. We are not merely continuing our dedication, we are totally renewing it![2]

Perhaps this is another reason why Rosh Hashana is called the “Birthday of the World”[3] (even though the world was created six days earlier on the 25thElul[4]), because, it’s the day which gives birth to all new beginnings, with no previous associations to dictate the future; a day where one can truly start a new life — literally, a new day of birth. And this is why on Rosh Hashana we must crown Hashem and make a new commitment to Him, because just as we are being reborn, so too, the world is being reborn, and with it, the opportunity to create a new reality, one where Hashem’s Kingship is proclaimed throughout the world.

[1] See Mishna Brura (61:3).
[2] Pachad Yitzchak, Rosh Hashana, 24.
[3] “Hayom haras olam,” recited several times in the Rosh Hashana prayers.
[4] Chiddushei HaRan, and others, learn that R’ Eliezer’s statement in the Gemora (Rosh Hashana, 10b) that the world was created in Tishrei, is referring to the completion of the world’s creation — once man was created. (Chiddushei HaRan, Rosh Hashana, 16a).

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