We’re trying out the following competition . . .

For every 100 new short vorts submitted to the website (and approved), one author will be chosen at random to receive a prize.

The same for comments: For every 200 comments recorded, we’ll choose one comment-er at random to receive a prize!

What are the prizes? 

Thanks to Adir Press, the proud Publisher of Short Vort, the winners of our competition can choose a book published by Adir Press. See the list of their books here.

We also have various Short Vort paraphernalia, including USBs, T-Shirts, Caps, bags, Bluetooth earpieces, and more.

Oh, and money. In the currency of your choice.

So, write some short vorts, send us some videos and enter your comments to win.

Competition subject to Terms & Conditions and may be stopped at anytime without notice.