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Chatzitzah In Mikvah

Written by Anonymous

Min Hatorah to be a chatzitzah in mikva it needs to be that roiv your body is covered AND your’e makpid, that you don’t want this dirt on you. In Gemora terms it’s called Ruboi Umkapid. The Rabonon said that if Meyut is covered and he’s makpid, or if Roiv and he’s not makpid, it’s also a chatzitzoh, gezeirah on ruvoi umakpid. but meyut she’eynoi makpid, is mutar even midrabonon, and they weren’t goizer this on ruboi she’eynoy makpid, becaue that is a gezeirah l’gzeirah.
The Kashya is that every ruboi she’eynoy makpid comes to mikvah and they won’t let him in because midrabonon hes osur to go in, because of this, he will suddenly become makpid on is chatzitzoh, and he willl become a ruboi umakpid whixh is min hatorah osur. so every ruboi not makpid, is in reality a ruboi umakpid.
The answer is that let’s say he is 70% covered, he doesn’t care about the full 70%, because the only thing stoppong him from going to mikvah is 29%, because if not for 29% he would only be 49% covered which is not a chatziza, so hes only makpid on 29%, which is not called makpid on roiv.

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