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Bris Milah Vort- What we gain by taking away

Written by Rabbi Moshe Kormornick

At a bris, we offer the following bracha to the parents of the baby: “Just like he entered the bris, so too should he enter (the world of) Torah, Chuppa and good deeds.”

What is the comparison between a bris, Torah, marriage (chuppa) and good deeds?

Just like during the bris, the moment that the baby enters into an everlasting relationship with Hashem, he loses something – a part of him is cut and taken away, so too when we want to create the relationship with the Torah, our spouse, and with those we wish to perform good deeds with, we need to make sacrifices. We need to give of ourselves for the sake of the relationship, for when we take away a part of our own being, we allow room for something else.

It is only by losing do we really gain!



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