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Where did Avraham come from?

Written by d fine

At the start of Lech Lecha, HaShem commands Avraham, in what is his first of ten tests, to leave his family and birthplace to come to Eretz Cena’an. The problem is that at the very end of parshas Noach (11:31) we were already told that Avraham left Uhr Casdim (his hometown) and reached Charan. How does it make sense that HaShem command something that Avraham had already fulfilled? There seem to be three main approaches in the Rishonim here. Rashi writes that the command was not for Avraham to leave his birthplace (he already had done that), but to distance himself further from his birthplace. The Ibn Ezra differs and writes that HaShem commanded this to Avraham before he left Uhr Casdim. The Ramban is our third opinion. He holds that Avraham’s hometown was not Uhr Casdim, but Charan. Thus, Avraham was in his hometown (Charan) when HaShem commanded him to leave there.

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