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Lech Lecha Avraham leaves… whats the big Test??

Written by Benjamin A rose

The first Posuk in this weeks sedra starts with Hashem telling Avraham avinu to leave his homeland his neighbours and his father’s house. Hashem then says “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will make your name famous, and be a blessing.” I have to ask.. what is the big test??…


if Hashem came to you and said leave manchester leave broughton park and leave your home and go to Israel and i will make you wealthy and famous worldwide, would you not go??

The meforshim say that the test was whether or not Avraham would go for the reward or go because Hashem wanted him to.

That is why it such a great test. With all that reward staring you in the face its extremely hard to go just because Hashem told you to and not think about the reward. Similarly we know that some of the mitzvos we do carry with them a reward. Every morning we say in BIrchas Hatorah that there are certain mitzvos that guarentee Olam Haba if we perform them, Kibud Av v’Em and Talmud Torah etc. It is up to us to see beyond the reward and do them because G-d wants us to instead of doing them because we know the reward!!

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