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Moshiach in Vayishlach

Written by D FIne

The Ramchal explains that the final part of Vayishlach is conveying a very deep message. It lists the 7 kings of Edom, but it is really hinting to history at large. The final king is called ‘hadar,’ and unlike the other kings, the Torah does not record Hadar dying. The Ramchal therefore says that Hadar is a reference to Moshiach in our history. The only problem is that in Divrei Hayamim (1, 1;51 – written by Ezra) it does say that Hadar died. Does Moshiach die according to Ezra???

Rav Pinkus used to quote an answer here said by a great kabbalist that ‘Moshe knew the heartbeat was alive, but Ezra did not.’ Rav Pinkus explained; Moshe who wrote the Torah knew that Moshiach (Hadar means beauty) and our Jewish beauty was alive and had not died, even though it seemed to Ezra in Divrei Hayamim that all was dead.

Moshe Rabeinu could still see a heartbeat, and so too, whenever we keep a mitzvah we are showing that the heartbeat is still there and we and the Jewish beauty are still alive.

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