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A Lesson in Not Looking Guilty

Written by Benjamin A Rose

The pasuk tells us, when the wife of Potifar tried to seduce Yosef into being Mizaneh with her, she grabbed Yosef’s garment. Yosef left the garment in her hand and ran outside. The pasuk says, “VaYanos VaYeitzei HaChutzah” – “Yosef ran (yanos) and went (yeitzei) outside.” Why the double verb “ran and went”? The pasuk should have just said, “VaYanos HaChutzah” – “And he ran outside”?

The Kli Yakar answers th\at Yosef did not want to appear guilty to the people outside as if he was running away from someone. He therefore ran away while still inside the house. Once he got outside, he walked casually, in order not to attract attention. That is why the pasuk says, “VaYanos VaYeitzei” – he ran at first and once outside he walked.

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