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Was Leah hated???

Written by D Fine

Rav Pam notes something well worth thiking about in our sedra. The pasuk (29;30) tells us that Yaakov loved Rachel more than Leah. The next pasuk tells us that HaShem saw that Leah was hated. Where did we see that Leah was hated; all we know is that Yaakov loved Rachel more, but who says that Leah was hated? And is it really fitting for the great Yaakov avinu to hate anyone, let alone his wife? The answer is that since Yaakov loved Rachel more, Leah felt that she was hated. Rav Pam used to apply this to teachers to tell them that if they favour anyone in their class, then the other kids (and their parents) will feel that they are hated, and rightly so. .

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