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the odd one out of the 6 remembrances (short vort)

Written by d fine

After shacharis, many have the wonderful custom to say the six remembrace psukim printed in the siddurim just before the 13 articles of faith. They are the remembering of maaseh miriam, of mattan torah, of korach, yetzias mitzrayim, the egel hazahav, and shabbes. And appropriately, all six start with ‘remember,’ Well, nearly all six. The exception is psukim of the remembering of mattan torah which are found in our sedra. Here, instead of saying ‘remember,’ the psukim just say ‘do not forget.’ Why is this? Mattan torah instilled emunah within us as a people. And whether or not people want to recognise it, they have this emunah deep inside their personality [which explains stories where suddenly people had life-changing spiritual moments and changes their lives around]. Just like one knows that they exist(they do not need to prove it), they have a deep ingrained emunah and link to torah Judaism. Thus, the Ramban answers our question by saying that we do not need a positive warning to remember mattan torah – we were there and it lives on inside of us. We just need to be told not to forget and ignore it.


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