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Tetzaveh: Practical Torah Thoughts on Everyday Living

Written by Yehuda Katz

And you (Moses) shall speak to all the wise-hearted people whom I (G-d) have invested with a spirit of wisdom (28:3)

G-d is commanding Moses to call upon all the wise men to participate in the making of the priestly garments. Many commentators note that Moses’ name is not mentioned at all in this section of the Torah reading.I would like to propose an original answer, Bezrat Hashem based upon verse 28:3 above. In Berachot 55a ,it states the following: Rabi Yachanon said: G-d gives wisdom only to a person who already has wisdom” based upon a verse in Daniel 2:21. (Please refer there for further details.) (End of quote) Therefore, if G-d endows only thewise with wisdom, from where do they get the initial dose of wisdom? Perhapes verse 28:3 can answer this question. The initial dose of wisdom is the realization of the wise man that G-d is the source of all wisdom as the verse states ,” whom I (G-d) have invested with a spirit of wisdom”. When a person understands and realizes that without G-d’s kindness of bestowing wisdom upon mankind that mankind would be surely lacking, that in it of itself is the intial dose of wisdom by which other wisdom can be built on.

This is in essence the attribute of Humility. We know that Moses is considered by the Torah to be the most humble as stated in Numbers12:3—“Now the man Moses was exceedingly humble, more than any person on the face of the earth'”.

By leaving Moses’ name out of this section of the Torah it trully emphasizes this very point. If a person trully wants wisdom, then he must be humble like Moses. The key to more wisdom is having wisdom, and wisdom begins with the realization that G-d is the source of all wisdom. Have a good Shabbos


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