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Why do we go to the Kohen and not the Doctor??

Written by Benjamin Rose

Something is slightly strange about this weeks sedra regarding the goings on when a person contracts Tzoraas. One is why do we go to our Local Kohen when we can go to our local doctor. To find an answer we must first see why people get the tzoraas in the first place. Chazal say that there are three causes for Tzoraas. The first is speaking Lashon HaRah. That is why the korban brought at the end is a bird because just like birds chirp nonstop this fellow has been talking way too much. Second is Gaava, haughtiness. For this he must bring a few blades of short grass, possibly to show he is as lowly as the earth. The third is stinginess. He must remove all the objects from a house with tzoraas so that he understands nothing belongs to him. So explains the Kli Yakar that Aharon and the Kohanim who excelled in all these attributes, on the positive side i.e they didnt talk Loshon Hora and

they Weren’t gaavedik and were certainly not stingy! they were the perfect candidates to be the “Tzoraas Doctor”. Aharon’s drive to create peace among people is the antithesis of Lashon HaRah that divides people. His Anava is proven from when he and Moshe said to Hashem Shemos (16:8) “Va’anachnu Ma”; what are we worth? Lastly he had no greed since the Kohanim did not even have any land and lived off the gifts given to them by the rest of Am Yisroel.




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