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The Special Kedusha of a Baby

Written by Moshe Kormornick




At the beginning of Parshas Tazria we are told that a woman who gives birth will be tamei, spiritually impure (for none of a better word). Why is this? One answer is as follows: When something Holy leaves the world, there becomes a void and a vacuum that is filled with tumah (spiritual impurity)- this is perhaps a reason why one says Kaddish for a Jew that departs this world -ie. to fill the void from their passing with the kedusha of Kaddish. In the same respect a woman who gives

birth attains a similar level to HaShem in the sense that ‘she’ has ‘created’ a new life. Therefore, after the birth takes place, the mother is no longer the ‘creator’ and so with the absence of that kedusha, there must be impurity.




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