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Who’s a mover?

Written by d fine

There is a very sharp contrast between the two titles of these 2 inseperable sedras (netzavim-vayelech) that bring out the greatness of Moshe Rabeinu. And this is relevent for us too, for the Rambam famously says that every Jew can reach the level of Moshe Rabeinu – and though that needs explanation, it certainly does mean that one can reach an aspect of Moshe’s greatness. So here’s the vort…
Bnei Yisrael are described as ‘netzavim’ ie standing still, whilst Moshe (even when he is on the verge of his death) is described as ‘vayelech’ ie he moves. The contrast shows that Moshe was always someone who was moving and growing in his kedusha and tahara, as brought out by the rest of bnei yisrael being relatively still in comparison to Moshe. With Rosh Hashanah coming up, it is our job to ensure that we are going to be constantly living, moving, growing Jews as opposed to static ones.

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