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We are all equals with individual greatness!!

Written by Benjamin A Rose




The Torah goes to great length to repeat the Kobanos of each Nasi. It would have been much shorter to just write it once and then say that all the Nisi’im brought the same Korbanos. Why the lengthy repetition?
I once heard an interesting explanation. Many times we find that people who want to do an act of “Frumkeit” feel that they must “out do” what everyone else is doing. If someone spends £X for an Esrog then I must spend £X plus 1. The Torah is telling us that each Nasi brought the exact same Karbon as his fellow Nasi. There was no need to outdo each other to be great. Each Nasi surely had his own special

Kavanos when doing this Avodah, however, the visible portion was the same for all.
This teaches us that we can be the same as everyone else and still have individual greatness!




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