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in machlokes, anything goes

Written by d fine

I heard the following from Rav Osher Wiess. The Chidushei HaRim asks why Korach picked on an argument that Moshe was ‘raising himself over the kahal of HaShem’ (16;3) if HaShem had said Himself that Moshe was the most humble person that lived (12;3); if Korach is going to make something up against Moshe why pick something that is blatantly untrue – and how did people go with korach on this one??? The Chidushei HaRim answers that this is the power of machlokes; nobody thinks straight and anything goes as ‘truth.’ Similarly does the midrash tanchuma relate that Korach told his followers a story that Moshe and Aharon took terumah, peah, etc from the field of a widow all for themselves and eventually left her with basically nothing. Korach told this story despite it being impossible for terumah to occur in the desert; nobody owned land there and nothing grew (!) because he knew that aything will be accepted in a machlokes. In short, BEWARE OF MACHLOKES! Even shorter…GADOL HASHALOM.

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