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comparison between israel and egypt

Written by Adrian Ciffer

The physical world is the mirror of the spiritual world. Most of what I say is based on the writing of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto 1707- 1746 who lived in Italy , specifically from his book DAAS TEVuNOTH, the chapter THE GATE OF UNITY.

“Hear oh Israel the G-d[YHWH ] our Lo-d [Elokim] the G-d YHWH ] is one” this verse hints at the reality that the only thing that really exists is G-d..
YHWH is used when G-d acts in a quantum manner [without physical cause and effect] which is above time which is related to the words HYH [past]HVH[present ] and YHYH [future], and Elokim is related to when G-d acts in a Newtonian manner that is cause and effect. Elokim has the same numerical value as the word HATEVA meaning nature. In reality Newtonian physics does not exist, it just appears that the world operates according to cause and effect but actually operates according to the rules of Quantum physics


As observer we determine whether we exist in a quantum manner or we exist in a Newtonian matter. If our egos are as big as a sub atomic particle and realise that the only thing that exists is G-d, and we therefore act as a vehicle thought speech and action in carrying out the divine will [divine image] then the world acts in a quantum nanner and only pleasant things occur [plan A] if however we act according to our egos and then the world acts in a Newtonian /astrological manner and are therefore subject to the natural forces of the world. Plan B].e.g. Tsunamis and earthquakes

This concept is hinted at by Genesis 1:26 “And let us make man in our divine image and they shall rule over the fish of the sea the bird of the heaven and animals of the land.” When one acts according to ones ego one loses ones divine image and does not rule over the animals, indeed one is prey to the animals and to the humans who act like animals.

This is also hinted at with pharaoh’s discussion with moses, when pharoh asked “Who is YHVH that I should listen to his voice?” Exodus5:2 – Meaning that pharaoh believed in a Newtonian G-d ELOKIM who made a clockwork universe governed by cause and effect and astrology and since pharaoh was an astrologer and looked into the future which was unchangeable and thus pharoh did not believe in a G-d who could intervene in nature and thus do miracles or prevent earthquakes and volcanoes .G-d then proceeded to show how he controlled everything and anything can happen.

The quantum world is plan A and the Newtonian world is plan B as mentioned in a previous letter “Let me digress for a moment The Supreme Being runs the universe in two ways 1] astrological [fate, independent of your deeds] and 2] instantaneously according to your deeds. This explains Deuteronomy CHAP 11:19 “For the land where you are going to is not as the land of Egypt from where you came where you sowed your seed …[whereas Israel]. A land of hills and valleys and drinking water as the rain of heaven. The eyes of the L-d your G-d is always upon it from the beginning of the year to the end of the year”. Rashi explains that Egypt is watered by the Nile and thus always has abundant food and thus wealth thus it is the land of fate whereas Israel is dependent on rain water to grow its produce and thus if its inhabitants are good they receive rain, and if not they don’t.

Thus, Israel exists in a quantum universe where anything can happen, as its future is not determined by fate butby its deeds, either for good or bad.

Thus the inhabitants of Israel have a direct connection to the SUPREME BEING whereas those living in Egypt do not.

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