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Coming or Going?

Written by Moshe Kormornick

Many people comment on the first line of this week’s Torah portion. “G-d said to Moses, COME to Pharoah”…surely if someone told another to do something they would say – GO to that place.

We must remember that the Torah is written by an all knowing G-d, One who does not make mistakes,and every word written in the Torah was done so in order to teach us something.

When is the time where

it is appropriate to say COME to Pharoah? – only when it is G-d saying COME WITH ME. Ordering someone to GO somewhere denotes that ‘I will stay here and you go there’ in this case G-d is saying that no matter the apparent difficulty in the task, no matter the hard times and troubling circumstances you may face – I’ll be here with you always…in fact, it is the most difficult circumstances when G-d goes further than saying ‘I’ll be there too’ or ‘I’ll be with you’. He acts like a true parent and says “COME with me – there’s no need to be scared or worried , as long as you’re with me you’ll be fine”.

It is in our best interest to remember that we are always in the presence of the All Knowing Creator of the World, our loving Parent.

As long as we remember that everything will be ok!






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