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Song of G-d

Written by Anonymous

Song of G-d The first word in the Torah is Bereishis. The letters of Bereishis are Beis-Resh-Aleph-Shin-Yod-Tav. These same letters rearranged make up the words Shirat Av—the song of the father (Shin-Yod-Resh-Tav and Aleph-Beis). All of creation is really a song created by our Father. Creation is G-d’s symphony. We are all notes in it. Just as a symphony exists only for beauty and pleasure; life is also a masterpiece that ultimately exists only for beauty and pleasure. G-d didn’t create the world for himself, but rather for us to give us pleasure. Just as a classical musician appreciates Beethoven much more than the neophyte, so to life is cherished much more by the people who listen to its notes and study its patterns. Those who listen to the depths of creation and study it begin to hear the song of G-d, and will ultimately create their own notes that harmonize with G-d’s masterpiece. But the people who do not open their hearts to listen and their minds to see, those people who refuse to become pupils of life will only play discordance. Learn and choose well. At the end of creation when we all come together to experience the magnum opus may all of our notes be harmonious and none of us experience the shame of playing dissonant note after dissonant note. Partially heard from Rabbi Trugman of Moshav Modi’in

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