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HaShem is your shadow; a major principle (short)

Written by d fine

There is a major principle in Judaism that finds its roots in our sedra. It is found in tehillim 121 that ‘HaShem tzilcha;’ HaShem is your shadow. What this means is that HaShem gives us the power to define our relationship with HaShem. If we do want to get close to HaShem, we get helped and get the same response in return. If we turn our backs, so does He so to speak, to an extent. HaShem is your shadow – H

e reflects your actions towards Him. Where do we see this in our sedra? After Adam sins, he hears HaShem’s Voice and hides behind a tree.

Obviously, HaShem could see Adam and knew where he was, but neverteless, HaShem asks (3;9) ‘where are you?’.

The idea is what we said above – since Adam wanted to hide from HaShem, HaShem made it out as if He did not see Adam.

(Heard and read from R’ Tatz and R’ Pinkus)

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