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Keep Fresh Just like the Lechem Haponim!!

Written by Benjamin A Rose

Towards the end of Parshas Emor the Torah commands us to bake the Lechem HaPanim and set them up on the Shulchan, inside the Bais HaMikdash. Reish Lakish says (Minachos 29a) that on the Shalosh Regalim they would pick up the Shulchan say “Ri’u Chibaschem Lifnei HaMakom”; look how beloved you are before Hashem. The gemara explains that they were pointing out the Nes of the Lechem HaPanim that stayed fresh and hot the entire nine days from when it was baked until it was eaten. Why does this show Hashem’s love more than any other of the many miracles in the Bais HaMikdash?

Rav Elyashiv explains that the Medrash Yalkut Shimoni tells us that Hashem wants us to learn and love the torah each day like it is a special message from the king. The first day everyone runs to hear it and abides by it. It is fresh and exciting. After that it gets stale and uninteresting. Not so the torah. Each day we should treat it like it is the first time we are hearing it. “Asher Anochi Mitzavicha HaYom”; as if Hashem commanded us today.

The Shalosh Regalim is a time we come to Yerushalayim to reinvigorate our love and closeness to Hashem. This is the message of the Lechem HaPanim. When we bake a korban for Hashem, although nine full days have gone by, enough for it to get hard and stale, nevertheless to Hashem it stays fresh and warm. So too in our torah learning and avodas Hashem we must reciprocate Hashem’s love for us with a constantly refreshing attitude towards Him and His Torah.

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