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Small Illusions by Rabbi Chaim Flom

Written by Anonymous

“Why should I apologize? I didn’t do anything wrong to her.”

“You don’t realize how hurt she was by your actions?? ”

“Because these are words of rebuke…where they (Bnai Yisrael) angered G-d…, he (Moshe) only refers to these places by allusion, out of honor for Bnai Yisrael.” (Rashi on Devorim 1:1)

In a novel explanation of Rashi, Rav Yosef Nendik,zt”l, the Kletzker Mashgiach, explains that if a person is oblivious to his wrong doings, he’ll need a lengthy explanation to be reprimanded. For a person who understands his mistake, a hint is sufficient.

Therefore, it was a sign of honor that we just needed a small illusion to our errors!!

Also, being nice and holding your tongue when someone says something to wind u up faster than a rolex is great because not only are you exersising your self control but the impression you leave on other people is astounding!

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