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I just wanted to give you all a taste of the Torah of Israel…

I took the time to translate it and write it out,about an hour so please take ten minutes to read it.

Just a good shiur that a heard from RAV MOSHE BEN MOSHE,that I think people today don’t realize.

Once upon a time there were 2 kingdoms that used to fight for years..and could never get to a point of peace until one day the one king decided to publish in the kingdom a request for a civilian that had a solution to the war and a tactical way of conquering the enemy and getting peace…he made a promise that the person who had the solution would get 7 minutes to go into the kings riches were he had gold,silver,copper,diamonds,watches,money and take as much as he can in 7 minutes…this was a great prize because in 7 minutes a person can take a very big amount of things…

Everyone in the kingdom heard this and straight away started thinking about some plan to give to the king as a solution to the war and a solution to there suffering as civilians…it was a once in a life time chance to to be happy forever.

There was one guy who put all his effort in to finding a solution and when he came up with one he went straight to the king and told him,the king used ths tactic and in a short time the king had conquered the enemy…

The king praised this man infront of all his ministers and was very thankfull for the advice that this man gave which saved many lives and brought peace to the country.the king also remembered the promise he had made to allow the person with the best idea to go into the riches for 7 minutes and take what ever he wants…but the king now started getting nervous because he wasnt sur how much the man would take and how it would effect his earnings and his bank account.

This problem sat on the king mind for days and time was getting nearer and nearer for the civilian to receive his prize.the king decided to ask his advisers for a way to ensure that the man wouldn’t be able to take to much.after much thinking the head adviser came up with a plan.he checked up on this civilian and about what he likes,he went to the king and told him that this person loves music to a point that in can hypnotize him and he’ll forget all about the money…he told the king to put music in the volt and play all the best and most beautiful sounds and songs of the generation in order to put the civilian off track.

In the meantime the civialian was so happy that he had already bought houses and cars and clothes having in mind to pay it once he recieves all the gold and riches.the day finally came and the man got dressed up and headed to the kings castle,his family cheared for him and he had now become the celebraty of the kingdom.

He arrived at the castle and the kings advisers took him into the volt,they warned him that he only had 7 minutes and then time was up,this chance would never come again,and when the time is up he would be taken out of the volt even if it was against his will.

He went in to the volt..and the head adviser told his men to put on the music…the man saw all the riches and all of a sudden he heres these buetifull sounds….gituars,pianos,bazuukis all these buetiful sounds…his mind was drawn to the music and he slowly forgot about the gold…he started saying to himself that he has to forget about the music and concerntrate on gold because his time in the volt is limited,”i have to wake up and fight against the want for the music”.he quickly started gathering again but the next track came on even more beutiful then the first flutes and drumbs with the sounds of waves and dolphins in the backround.he started dancing to the music again with out concerntrating on the time which was lessening and lessening evry second came and went every second that he had a chance to pick up afew more diomonds and afew more gold coins came and went and this man was loosing more and more instead he was concertrating on the music which at that point seemed much MUCH better,the were so many buetiful instruments every second another one drew him towards the music..

He again suddenly realized that he was sacraficing all the money that would make him happy forever for afew second of enjoyment…he again started collecting..when he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder and a voice saying “YOUR TIME IS UP 7 MINUTES ARE UP”

The man exited the volt all down and with a crushed heart,he had realized that he had lost out on the bigest oprtunity in his life to be happy for eternity,all he had to do was conquer that want for those few seconds of joy and concertrate on what was the ultimate ting he needed although it didnt apeall to him.he said to himself how could i have been so weak and stupid,i did gather but not enough and not as much as i need,now ill sufer for eternity becuase of a small atraction that i couldnt beat.his family was awaiting him,chearing and happy…they saw his face and realised that something wasnt right.this man who had the oportunity to an eternaly good life was upset how could that be!

The family aproached him with many doubts about what had happend,he told them i nearly gathered nothing,my time ran out the music that was there drew me away from what i really needed and now we dont have miney to pay off our debts.

Everyone was crushed.

Now what the story realtes to in real life…

It is a great example of what happens to a jew in this world,HASHEM,the king of ALL kings,brought us down to this volt(being the world),a holy soul,HE put our soul in our bodies and out us on this earth to collect mitzvot and torah,HE gave on average 70 years,we dont know how long that the problem therefore we have to use every second as though it were the last to collect as much as we can,but the yetzer hara who knows this and tries to direct our hearts and mids away from the “GOLD AND DIAMOND”…by giving us all kinds of mistaken “beutiful songs”(Being sins) and all the different desires of this world so that we forget what we really came for and in the end loose everything.so that we forget that we came to this world for a limited period of time,a world full of gold and diamonds.

Every teffilla and words that are said to HASHEM are another massive diamond that youve collected for yourself…which will in the future make you happy for ever,evry braha that a jew merits to make even if its once a day,or extra centimetre of modesty a girl takes on herself is another sack of diamonds.One of the great Rabbanim said that it was worth while for HASHEM to create this worlds and the 6000 years its been around just for one jew to say AMEN once a day.evry shabat evn if its one hour in the shabat and even more so if you dont keep shabat but the will is there..the jsut for that it was worth creating the whole world..so whats the problem to say one braha a day.OR ANY MITZVA ONCE! A DAY.we are in the volt of HASHEM for PLEASE G-D 70 or 120 years but we dont know,we have to collect as much as we can so the we can live well in this world and in the next.The Ari Z”L said that in a generation that its hard to do mitzvot…the reward is greater than the reward of the great Rabainim in the past not matter what a person does even if its once a day,1 mitzva a day times 365days times 70 years B”H equals 25,550 mitzvot in a life time and its says that on shabat a mitzva is times a thousand…so work out.we have the chance to collect SO much but we must never forget that our time is LIMITED.

1 hour of torah a day is equal to 12,000,000 mitzvot,theres a calculaiton to that to.

And the bonus is that every one of our mitzvot is worth abillion times more than anll the gold in the world.the reward is so great that it cant be given in this world because theres not tools to recieve it.its says that the reward for ONE!!! mitzva is is like a pill that has inside it all the enjoyment of this world..like when you drink a cold beer on a sunny s.a. day or when you win something for the first time…and that when you take it the feeling on enjoyments stays for ever.

DONT FORGET WE DONT KNOW HOW MUCH TIME WE HAVE,NO ONE DOES!! and like the shoe maker said “as long as the candle is alight we have the oprtunity to fix”…it says in the gemara that a candle is a simile to the soul of a jew..and every small mitzva that a jew does is the little bit of light from that candle even if its not eating milk and meat or giving tzedaka..KOL OD SHE HANER DOLEK EFSHAR OD LETAKEN!