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Building Ourselves

Written by Moshe Kormornick

In considering the possibility of those who wish to build a Third Temple on har haBayis today, Rav Berkowitz shlit”a poses a powerful question:
Are we ready to eat from the korban Pesach?
In the time when the Beis Hamikdosh stood everyone would keep hilchos taharos even on chullin (an exceptionally high level of purity “even when eating their breakfast”).
This is just an example that people who merited the Beis Hamikdosh considered everything to its particular details and were stringent on themselves in every area that they could be.
Today, how many of us could eat the Korban Pesach?
How many of us consider every mouthful of food as a miraculous gift of sustainance? And everytime we are about to speak to someone, do we seriously consider the consequences of what we are about to say?

Rav Berkowitz explains that if someone were to build something on har haBayis, it would not be a Beis HaMikdosh, it would just be a pile of stones.
We can see that just like when Moshe Rabbeinu broke the two tablets inscribed by HaShem, he was able to because the Jewish people weren’t acting in a Holy manner, so too a ‘temple’ without the Jewish People acting in a Holy manner could also be destroyed.
If we do not bring HaShem back to our hearts and actions then no everlasting Temple can be built.
So in these Three Weeks it is essential to concentrate on building OURSELVES and then iy’H we will not see another tisha b’av for we would have really built the Third Beis Hamikdosh and an everlasting dwelling place for the Ribono shel olam.

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