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Hamelech – the real King

The words of chazal give us major insights into the way to read what seems to be a simple text, and megillas esther is no exception. Chazal tell us that though the word ‘melech’ (king) in the megillah refers to king Achashveirosh, the word Hamelech (The King) has a hidden meaning; it’s referring to THE King, ie HaShem. Through this lens, let’s look at one pasuk and see how it is dramatically altered…and see a massive message too! 3;8 [look it up] in the megillah quotes Hamman’s claim against the jews to Achashveirosh. He says that ‘there is one nation who is scattered amongst the peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom…

and they are not performing the religion of the King and it’s not worth it for the king to leave them alive.’ Seems a simple enough claim. But the last words are ‘hamelech,’ so we know that HaShem is really being referred to. Thus, Hamman is saying to Achashveirosh that the jews are not performing the religion of THE King (ie HaShem) properly and that it’s therefore not worth it for HaShem to keep us.

But he didn’t realise that we are HaShem’s Children whatever happens, and there is always a way back with Teshuva and prayer.

And the rest…is history!