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Finally free!!!

Written by Benjamin A Rose

Haman was upset at Mordechai and decided all the Yidden must be made to suffer. He made a lottery to pick a day for when would be the best time to strike.

The lottery fell out on the day we have come to know as Purim, named so because of the lottery. Rav Shlomo Alkabetz says that Haman didn’t make the lottery to decide if he should wage this battle – he knew he was going to attack the Jews; the only question was when. He knew this because he was aware that the Jews were weak and vulnerable. They were in a low spiritual state in a variety of ways:

they weren’t be’achdus, they were eating at Achashveirosh’s parties, they were bowing to Haman while he was wearing an idol around his neck, and they weren’t listening to Mordechai Hatzaddik.

In the same way today we have adversaries like Hitler, Ahmedinijad etc. who want us wiped out.

All we have to do is see that we today are not b’achdus (together as one people) we eat non kosher, whilst we may not bow down to idols we still are influenced by the gentile communities around us,a nd finally and possibly most importantly we dont listen to our Gedolim!!

Once we see our faults and rectify them we will see our adversaries beaten and we will finally be free!!!

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