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Read from a book called,” Major Impact” By R. Dovid Kaplan:
A secular Jew was an actor. He didn’t have any acting job and he was looking…. He heard about an auditon for the zoo & be a monkey that entertains. The real cool/entertaining monkey dieed. The zoo didn’t want to tell there customers b/c the zoo didn’t wanna o\lose customers. So, this secular Jew auditioned and got the part. One day when he was doing his monkey shpeil he swing too much on the pole or did something like that and did it too hard that he swumg over to the Lion’s cage next to him!! THe scared actor screamed” Shema Yisreol Hashem….” The Lion responded,” Baruch shem kevod malchuso leolam vaed.” They found out that they knew eachother and asked e/o what they were doing there and when they started. The Zebra next to the lion cage said, ” quiet down b4 u get us all fired!”