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Mr Maykil

Written by Rabbi Moshe Kormornick

There was a man who spent his entire life looking for leniencies in all aspects of halacha (Jewish law) – whatever it was, he would search around until he found a rabbi who had a more lenient opinion he could rely on. If it worked “according to some opinions” then it worked for him!

After 120 years, he came up to Heaven. The Heavenly Court looked at the man’s life record and said, “Well, you certainly did everything that was asked of you. Angels, please take this man straight to Gan Eden!”

The man expecting nothing less.

The angels escorted him straight into the Gates of Heaven and led him to a small room. It was a dark, damp cell, with a table and one small candle! The man was shocked and quickly looked at the angels and asked in horror, “This is Heaven???”

The angels looked at him with a smile and said, “According to some opinions.”

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